Willena: Re: Regarding footprintthemes.com

Name: Willena
Email: willena@affiliateonline.us
Subject: Re: Regarding footprintthemes.com
Message: Hi there

I am from Sunglass Warehouse, and I'd like to offer our affiliate products that you can GET INSTANT COMMISSIONS – Straight To Your Paypal Account or Western Union.

Here are reasons why you should promote this offer…

1. You are promoting designer Brands – Oakley and Ray-Ban Sunglasses that your customers are going to LOVE!
2. We will build e-commerce shop for you, and you don't need to worry about the domain or hosting etc.
3. You will get paid in 3 days that the orders are successfully processed. You don't need to worry about the product returns or money refund.
You still get paid for those orders (except the customers send us email to ask for refund within 24 hours.)
4. The price starts from 19.95 dollars each, but you still can sell them at a higher price if you want.
5. The commission is 30%

Please let me know if interested.

Many Thanks,


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