Mike Saffern: Feedback RE: Your Site & Business

Name: Mike Saffern
Email: mike@graphicdesignisrael.com
Subject: Feedback RE: Your Site & Business
Message: Hi,

Mike here, an award-winning graphic designer from Israel, don’t believe me? Just ask and I’ll send as many diplomas as I can make 😉

Your website and business look great and are well established, I’m impressed. As you already know, each year companies need to update brochures, infographics, pricing, business cards, and so much more.

I am running a test-trial to expand my Rolodex and generate new relationships for my graphic design services.

SPECIAL OFFER: 10 hours for 99 USD. *Some restrictions apply*

We specialize in all forms of graphic design and our standard pricing ranges from 20-37 USD per hour so we’re offering a discount of up to 70% off.

Email me at Mike@graphicdesignisrael.com for more information on exclusive deals.

This is a limited time offer, be sure to respond soon.

Mike Saffern