Deborah A. Lucas: Request

Name: Deborah A. Lucas
Subject: Request
Message: Hi, I came across your website and wanted to get in touch.

I am happy to inform you that now offers free hosting for charities and nonprofits.
They offer a completely free service for web hosting and web design.

We're committed to helping get as many charities online as possible with a free web presence.
WordPress Compatible
Free Web Site Builder
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We want to help even more charities. But we need your help.

Please share this page on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels so that we can help even more charities get online, for free.

If you work with any charities, let them know and help them get started with a web site, or save money if they already have one.

We want to help as many charities start a web presence, or save money on their existing web site costs. There is no limit on how many we can help.

If you do not need this you can purchase web hosting starting at $ 10 annually to support the project.

I am not associated with E5HOST but I like to help for charity. If you think this message is not useful I apologize.

Best regards,
Deborah A. Lucas